Data Management:

CMMS – Our Intelligent Master Database Solution

Customer master management is crucial as pharmaceutical companies need to rely on accurate, consistent and up-to-date master views of customers across their commercial enterprise. Archi-Tech’s Customer Master Management Solution (CMMS) marries the various external data sources, strengths and processes of multiple business support systems, and the 3rd party scrubber with a centralized system of business rules and processing to provide the right address to the right user at the right time. This provides the following benefits:

  • Single master view for improved address management, analysis and reporting, and regulation management
  • Data reliability and accessibility across the enterprise (people, systems, processes, etc.) through un-matched matching-merging, de-duping, and purging business rule adaptation and management
  • Cost control by trusting Archi-Tech to manage deployment, hosting, system technology and architecture, manage 3rd party scrubber data, and process automation
  • Optimization of sales and marketing initiatives to reduce costs by minimizing bad data and missed opportunities
  • Creates a feed to other commercial business support systems to ensure customer address consistency and quality.

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