Solutions Overview

Easy access to accurate and timely data is the lifeblood of measuring the effectiveness of all commercial activities in a Pharma. Traditional systems that provide basic reports are not enough to compete effectively in the marketplace. The rise of new data sources not available through traditional data vendors has increased the complexity of data integration. Additionally, the increased cost pressures have challenged a Pharma to do more with limited resources and zero margin for error.

Our turnkey solutions for data integration, data warehouse, analytics, dashboards, reporting and data management are guaranteed to work as-stated right off the bat, mitigating the risks associated with implementing such projects. We have proven expertise in partnering effectively with commercial Pharma to rapidly implement and deploy solutions for the salesforce, executives, marketing, managed care, trade and reimbursement groups. We understand what data insights are necessary at various product stages and can quickly enable your commercial organization with easy, accurate and timely access to actionable data.

Our Solutions

data integration


Unparalleled data integration and data warehouse

query data


With lightning speed, query your data and get answers within seconds

dashboard and reporting


Ultimate dashboard, scorecard and reporting on the cloud

data management

Data Management

Pristine customer master and address management

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