Data Expertise

Business Intelligence (BI), data integration and data warehouse projects are complex, expensive and rarely work as expected. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry is littered with millions of dollars’ worth of failed BI initiatives, but that has not led to any course correction and companies still keep on retrying and spending more good money on failed strategies.

Archi-Tech offers a radically new approach to success, and one that has been honed to perfection over 20 years and thousands of successful BI projects. Our key is to invest in people with deep, hands-on working knowledge of the entire data ecosystem in the pharmaceutical industry for both Specialty and Branded drugs. Our data experts are foremost business people who understand the business potential of each data asset and how it can transform your decision making process and evaluate the effectiveness of your commercial strategies.

We have combined our data expertise with state-of-the-art technology exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry, so you get all the instant benefits of leveraging data in “ready to use” reports, dashboards, scorecards and analytics without the typical risk associated with such projects.

Learn more about our KPIs and deep experience helping commercialize Specialty and Branded drugs.