Archi-Tech is a leading provider of outsourced data integration, analytics and reporting services to the Pharmaceuticals Industry. Over the past 25 years we have delivered custom solutions to over 100 companies, ranging from start-ups to established industry giants.

We platform your commercial operations data and from that platform create actionable intelligence giving you a 360° view of your world to help you better manage your business.


Pharmaceutical companies are surrounded by data. Supply chain, syndicated, specialty and promotional data flow in, providing a wealth of raw data about your business. Distilling this data into meaningful information requires deep industry knowledge, extensive experience, robust processes and a varied and efficient toolkit.

Our ability to provide accurate and complete integration of all this data and transform it into usable information sets Archi-Tech apart.

Data Management

Archi-Tech has vast experience managing the complex data inherent in the pharmaceutical sales and distribution model.

Embedded in this complex data are numerous data inconsistencies which, if left unresolved, renders any information obtained from this data inaccurate. These inaccuracies can lead to a long list of problems like poor targeting, poor decision making, inaccurate analytics, delays in promotional efforts and much more.

Archi-Tech's MDM (master data management) prowess minimizes these issues leading to an accurate and successful integration creating the foundation on which an accurate and precise 360° view of your business is based.

Access and Intelligence

With a solid foundation in place, Archi-Tech can provide unparalleled access to your data, through local and cloud-based solutions, and produce routine executive and field sales reports and dashboards freeing your analysts to perform critical added value-analytics.

Our local applications put the power of a high-performance mart at your finger tips. Our cloud-based solutions give your analysts direct access to the Archi-Tech managed mart for any additional analysis they may wish to do using whatever tools they choose to use.

Why Companies Work With Archi-Tech


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